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Berita Ekonomi Terkini

Apple falls on fears of slowing iPhone 14 demand

September, 28 2022

Apple Inc. shares fell by 3.7% (to $ 146.54) after reports that the company is abandoning plans to increase iPhone production, as demand for the new iPhone 14 smartphone was not as high as expected.Apple planned to increase iPhone production by 6 million units in the second half of the year. However, the company asked suppliers to abandon these plans – now Apple is going to produce 90 million smartphones, which roughly corresponds to last year's figures.This decision also affected the papers of ... Baca Selengkapnya

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The German DAX index has fallen to a minimum in two years

September, 28 2022

On Wednesday morning, the main European indices are showing a decline, and the German DAX index... Baca Selengkapnya

The yuan has fallen to a minimum in 14 years

September, 28 2022

The Chinese yuan, paired with the US dollar, fell to the lows of 2008 amid signals of weakening... Baca Selengkapnya

Iraq: oil may rise to $150 per barrel

September, 27 2022

The price of oil on the world market may reach $150 per barrel in the coming months. This was... Baca Selengkapnya

Britain lost $500 billion after Truss was elected prime minister

September, 27 2022

After the appointment of Liz Truss as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the British stock... Baca Selengkapnya

Gas prices soared after the damage to the Nord Stream

September, 27 2022

According to the trading data, the exchange price of gas in Europe exceeded $1,900 per thousand... Baca Selengkapnya