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Poland accused Russia of rising energy prices

October, 21 2021

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki again accused Russia of rising energy prices. At the same time, the minister named another reason for the rise in prices – speculation with quotas on carbon dioxide emissions.As you know, gas prices in Europe have risen sharply in recent months. And if at the beginning of August the price of the nearest futures was about $515 per thousand cubic meters, then at the beginning of October it exceeded the mark of $1900, reaching a historical record. Today the ... Read More

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Brent declines slightly after reaching 3-year high

October, 21 2021

Yesterday evening, Brent oil quotes reached another high at $86.09 per barrel. Today the price is... Read More

The expert assessed the possible problems of Europe due to high gas prices

October, 20 2021

Analysts share their gloomy forecasts regarding the future prospects of the European oil and gas... Read More

Annual inflation in the eurozone in September accelerated to a record since 2008

October, 20 2021

According to the final estimate of the European statistical agency Eurostat, annual inflation in 19... Read More

UK inflation data put strong pressure on sterling

October, 20 2021

According to trading data, the pound sterling is declining against the dollar on Wednesday... Read More